Brand history

The history of the Italian house begins in 1911
Dante Trussardi decided to create a specialized atelier for sewing leather gloves in Bergamo. After 60 years of development, the small atelier becomes a fashion brand under the management of Dante’s grandson, Nicola Trussardi. He is expanding his range, offering customers leather belts, shoes, suitcases and wallets.

“Fashion is not only for the elite” - Nicola Trussardi incorporated democracy into the philosophy of the house. Therefore, shows with clothes were held in the Duomo at the Central Station, where invited guests and passers-by became the public.

Today the brand's headquarters are located in Milan, in Palazzo Trussardi alla Scala.

Since 2021, the creative directors of Trussardi are Serhat Işık and Benjamin Huseby, designers from Berlin, creators of the streetwear brand GmbH. Finalists of the LVMH Prize 2018 and Andam 2021. Their first collection for Trussardi was for the FW 22/23 season.

DNA and philosophy

Trussardi creates the image of an ideal family, conveys reliability and confidence
Things are friends with each other: in 1 minute you can create unmistakable images
The standard in a capsule wardrobe
The brand teaches you to choose a good base and include season trends in it
In the style of the British royal family
With elements of a formal wardrobe even on vacation
For connoisseurs of Italian style and adherents of traditions
Harmonious and neat — for clients with discerning taste